Established in 2003, Billion Industrial Holdings Limited (“Billion” or “the Company”) is a leading developer and manufacturer of polyester filament yarns in China. The Company’s main products are Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY), Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), and Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), a majority of which are differentiated with special physical features and functionalities and are widely utilized in the production of high-end fabrics and textiles for various consumer products, including apparel, footwear and home furnishings.

Based in Jinjiang, Billion has a production capacity of over 710,000 tonnes per annum, making it the sixth largest manufacturer in China and largest manufacturer in south China in terms of combined designed capacity of DTY, FDY and POY; and the second largest DTY manufacturer in China and largest DTY manufacturer in south China in terms of designed capacity in 2010.

Billion markets and sells polyester filament yarns to mainly fabric and textile manufacturers based in China, and also directly exports products to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America to over 2,000 customers globally.

Due to the Company’s established reputation in the polyester filament industry and ability to offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality differentiated polyester filament yarns, many well-known leading apparel and footwear manufacturers in China have specifically requested for fabrics and textiles made from Billion polyester filament yarns. These manufacturers include Anta, 361 Degrees, Xtep, Peak, Lilanz, SeptWolves and K-Boxing. As well, Billion has established long term relationships with its direct customers, including leading fabric and textile manufacturers in China and overseas such as Fynex Textile, SBS Zipper, Bekaert and Universal Tekstil.

The Company’s stringent quality control standards have been accredited with ISO9001:2008 certification for the design, production and service of polyester filament yarns. Billion is also permitted to use the internationally recognized “Oeko-Tex” mark, indicating its products have met specifications for harmful substances.

Continued efforts in research and development and commercialization have earned the Company multiple recognitions by government bodies and industry experts. Billion was named High and New Technology Enterprise by several provincial bureaus of Fujian Province. Billion was also selected as one of the Top One Hundred Key Industrial Enterprises in Fujian Province by Fujian Province Economy and Trade Committee, and one of the Top One Hundred Enterprises in Fujian Province by Fujian Enterprise Evaluation Association. The China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and China Textile Product Development Center identified the Company as the National Development Site for Functional Differentiated Polyester Filament Yarns.